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Guidelines on Choosing the Best Church in Summerville, SC

Choosing a church involves more than the act of attending the church and being listed among its members. It is a hard decision since it is more based on inner convictions more than mere observations. Proverbs 16:1 says that the intentions of the heart belong to a man but God gives the reply. It is thus good for you to heavily rely upon God for Him to lead you to the most suitable church. However, you should double check some factors because you can confuse God’s voice with your own mind which can cause you to enter into a wrong church. Below are the guidelines you should apply is choosing a good church in Summerville, SC.

You should check what you believe in. There is no point of settling for a church where the gospel is not loved, taught or preached. For one to make a suitable decision, there is the need for them to decide what gospel is to them. If you settle on the gospel as that which only redeems from sin and hell, you have a range of churches to choose from. However, if your desire is a gospel that shapes as well as defines how one should live by applying, preaching, living, teaching, singing, and teaching, you should look further.

You should examine their behavior. The faith of a church is what lays a basis of its nature. In case your definition of a church is a building with meetings you have to attend, you have a variety of churches to choose from. In other churches, a church is viewed as covenant individuals who are created by the good news for the gospel. Such a kind is few and one need commitment in searching for one.

You should draw a line between discerning and shopping. Shopping is where you look for a church that suits your wants and preferences while discerning is attentive to ensuring a church expresses the expectations and commands of God. This does not mean that you settle on a church that clearly proves to be out of the will of God as this could show total lack of discernment. You should not operate with your theological views as they can hinder you from embracing God’s will.

Ensure you avoid church hopping. There are instances in which one may see the need to move from a church such as weird stuff, heresy, and abuse. You are however discouraged from changing churches because it fails to meet your expectations. Shifting from a church to another in search of that which can gratify your specifications will deny you the ability to settle at one church.

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