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How to Choose A Good Tow Company to Handle Your Roadside Emergency

An emergency road kit is something every driver should travel with. In the event of disaster it can reduce both stress and cost. You can have a spare tire for that flat, jumper cables to restart that battery, and if you really want to be prepared the number of a good tow service.

Some problems cannot be fixed by the side of the road and already having the number of a good tow service ensures your auto will be taken care of. Choosing a reliable tow company is like vetting any kind of contracted service. You have to know exactly what to look for. Here are the most important factors you need to consider when vetting a tow company.


The first thing you want to look at is availability. Obviously, you want to choose a service that will be there when you need them. Since you cannot be certain when an emergency might happen 24/7 availability is a prime factor to consider. You do not want a service that may be inconveniently closed when your breakdown or accident occurs. Luckily, a quick search for any 24 hour towing services Thornburg VA will provide you all the 24/7 companies in your area.

Availability also refers to their range. Tow companies cover a certain area and if you break down outside of it you could be in trouble. So you want to look at services with an unlimited range or an area of operation where you normally commute. You may not be able to tell when a breakdown or accident will occur, but most likely they will happen during your normal nine-to-five day-to-day. So if you choose a tow company that covers the area you frequent the most chances are a lot better they will be able to come to your aid.


Reputation is the second thing to look for. The last thing you want is an unreliable service transporting your vehicle. So look at ratings and reviews and find the tow companies consumers and sites rave about. You can even ask your insurance agent who they use. Once you have a few names visit their website if they have one or call them directly. Ask for references. Make sure they have proper licenses and insurance to legally operate in your area. Finally, if you really want to go the extra mile check for any complaints filed against them. You want to stay away from services with dissatisfied customers in their wake. You also want to avoid tow companies that make it hard to find their credentials, have no references, and bear a multitude of complaints filed against them.


A final factor is the additional services tow companies offer. Many tow services offer programs like roadside assistance. They will come and fix a flat, jump your car, or even give you some gas if you need it. Such programs prevent you from the cost of a tow by fixing smaller problems roadside. They also provide you with peace of mind that if you break down help will be on its way. In many cases, roadside assistance may be covered by your existing insurance.

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How to Care for Your Car

Once we have driven our car off the dealer’s lot, we must realize it is going to experience and be exposed to a lot of outside damage. That said, we should always strive to keep our cars in tip-top shape, so we don’t experience any unexpected mechanical problems. Though we cannot stop our cars from malfunctioning, there you are a couple things that we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen at all. Here are a few tips on how to keep your car in its best shape and in good care.

Engine Oil

As you drive your car back and forth to work or to your relatives’ homes, your engine can take a serious beating. It’s imperative that you get into the habit of checking regularly to make sure your vehicle is in good running condition. Checking the engine fuel should be done on a routine basis. Engine oil plays a major role in our cars ability to function. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure it is on ground level and check the dipstick reading to make sure you have adequate oil.

Tire Pressure

That’s right, our tires can take a beating as well as they drive over roads and highways or even dirt areas on camping trips. The tire pressure can begin to seep out overtime as it continues to be exposed to concrete and endure that pressure. You should always check your tire pressure before heading out on long road trips. Your tires should also be checked every month to make sure you have the proper inflation pressure for each individual tire on your car. Your tire will show on its side the recommended amount of pressure it should have. There are many used freightliner trucks for sale in your local area.


It doesn’t hurt to wash your car every other day or even every weekend. Once you get an understanding of the type of wax and that makes your car shine you can really enhance your investment. Most of us might opt to go through a carwash facility and have the professionals do it. If you decide to do it at home, take the time to do your research and find out what products work with your model and style.

Here are a list of other parts and systems on your car that you should strive to keep in good maintenance shape.

*Check all fluids
*Inspect exhaust system
*Get the brakes inspected
*Check your air filter
*Have the radiator cleaned
*Check the battery

Since making the investment in your automobile, you can at least keep it maintained. A well-cared for automobile can have a high resale value without you even knowing it. Most buyers like those individuals who have keep their cars running smooth and handle all the regular maintenance on a monthly basis. We want to keep our cars until they stop, but in order to do so we must take care of them.…